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Just imagine strolling on garden pathways or lounging on a bench tucked away in a quiet corner, all subtly lit by solar lighting. Economical, eco-friendly and pleasing to the eye, solar lights may be used in an assortment of garden settings. Harness the power of the sun with these clever lights and create your own romantic getaway just steps from your back door. everyone else is a returnee

Solar Fairy Light Strings

Have you ever been to a garden at night where the trees are covered in tiny white lights? Recreate this look in your own backyard using solar light strings. These tiny LED lights are connected by thin waterproof wires and wrap around trees or bushes the same way as Christmas lights. The light string is connected to a solar panel stake that you can place in some inconspicuous spot. This is one of the most romantic touches you can add to your landscaping

Frosted Solar Bricks

Frosted bricks are a compact type of solar light that can be used to outline a garden path or frame a swimming pool or fish pond. Made of glass and available in white or blue, these lights measure 4 inches by 4 inches and can be tucked in almost any stray corner. The sensor automatically turns the light on when the sun goes down but there is an off switch in case you want to conserve power. No need to illuminate your yard when you're out of town.

Solar Lighted Fountains

Fountains add peace and serenity to your garden setting. Lighted fountains let you enjoy the bubbling waters after dark. Solar lights give you the freedom to place your water fountain anywhere you want without worrying about being close enough to an electrical outlet.

Choose from underwater LED lights that give the water an ethereal glow to floating lights in the shape of lotus flowers. The underwater lights are especially effective on waterfall type fountains. Vary the colors from tier to tier and watch the cascading water change hues as it flows from top to bottom. cult of the sacred runes

Solar Patio Lanterns

Brightly colored solar lanterns add a festive air to any backyard setting. Choose from designs that mirror the traditional round and elongated Japanese soji style or go with something a bit more modern. Place the lanterns in trees, along your patio boundaries or even use as table centerpieces. Or, use stand-alone models strategically placed along


garden paths or to highlight statuary or that comfortable half-hidden outdoor seating area.