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SEO means search engine optimization. What that suggests is that if you have a web site, you can optimize your website so that it places in the internet search engine-- generally Google; Preferably, positioning your site on the first page of Google. If it does not appear on the first page, then your chances of being noticed through online search engine decrease significantly

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The main source of traffic into your website is through internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. People will type in keywords which they are interested in and these search engines will list down all possible websites containing these specific keywords. The tendency of people who use search engines is to prioritize visiting the websites contained in the first couple of pages provided by the search engine. If your online business is relatively new, then your website may have a low search engine ranking and therefore may be buried under pages after pages of other websites offering the same products and services as you are. However, there are ways to make your website more visible to people and to increase its traffic through the use of SEO services.

The Three Essential Variables for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Many people make the mistake of that believing because they merely created a developed website, their site will automatically and immediately get found on the internet. Fortunately, when it concerns Search Engine Optimization, there are proven approaches to get results. Here are 3 important variables to stress over for your SEO: Tales of demons and gods

Essential Variable #1 - Keyword Research.

Here's something that you need to realize. Websites do not rank. WEB PAGES do!! When pages rank, they place for a key phrase. If you think of just how people look for your business, than you will recognize that they search for key phrases.Therefore, when we say SEO "keyword" research, what we really mean is "key phrase" research as well. So depending on your business, you want to rank for the terms that people are searching for to find your business. Imagine if your homepage is ranking for "best cheese steak in your town."

Think you might get a high volume of visits to your restaurant? You bet you would since that term gets over 4,000 searches per month in Google.