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Paintings are such personal creations and capture so much of the artist and their personality. Is it any wonder then that some people believe that paintings can hold tormented ghosts and supernatural powers? This list looks at paintings that are rumored to be haunted and the reports from people that have viewed or owned them, in a different world with a smartphone

1.      Anguished man

The artist may be unknown, but Sean Robinson feels that the person who created "The Anguished Man" lives on through this work.

Sean inherited this disturbing painting from his grandmother, who had received it herself as an unwanted gift. She believed the painting to be cursed and for years it lay hidden in her basement. She told Sean that the artist has used some of his own blood to create the painting and had committed suicide soon after he completed it. When she died, Sean decided to bring it up and hang it on the wall as a talking piece because he found the artwork intriguing.

Sean and his wife recounted that strange events started to occur soon after the painting was relocated. They were awoken many times by the sounds of tormented crying and saw a dark figure, which they believe to be that of a middle-aged man, standing at the foot of their bed and moving around.

Sean has since moved the painting back into the basement, but as yet has no plans to part with it. Some of the videos that capture this paranormal activity are available to view on YouTube, A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

2.      Love Letters Replica

This work is a modern replica of "Love Letters" by Charles Garland. It was painted by Richard King and is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Samantha Houston, who fell to her death on the staircase of the Driskill Hotel, where the painting is on display.

Staff and visitors alike have reported that they feel dizzy and sick to their stomachs when viewing the artwork and some have even reported feeling as though they are levitating off the floor. It has even been said that the expression on the face of the young girl in the painting changes should you dare to stand and view her long enough.

3.      The Hands Resist Him


"The Hands Resist Him" depicts a small boy standing next to a female doll, in front of a glass paneled door. Behind the door there are many disembodied hands pressed up against the glass. Painted by Bill Stoneham, this piece was made famous when it was advertised for sale on EBay in 2000. The couple who were looking to sell the painting reported that it was haunted and even claimed to have photographic evidence of these paranormal occurrences.